Here's What It Includes…

  • 1

    Image Optimisation

    We process all your website images, shrinking their size while ensuring their quality stays high – ideal for mobile visitors or those on slow networks.

  • 2

    Plugins Optimisation

    Poorly optimized plugins slow your site. We will set them up correctly and advise on better plugins for the same task. We can even rewrite problematic plugin code.

  • 3

    Theme Tuning

    Many themes look amazing but load slow. We'll fix your theme so it keeps all the bells and whistles but gets a massive speed boost.

  • 4

    PHP Tuning

    PHP produces a lot of code, which slows your site. We will tune the PHP so it executes faster, leading to a big speed increase.

  • 5

    Webserver configuration

    We'll tune the webserver to handle more requests using the same resources – which means less waiting and faster HTML downloads. We can also swap slow Apache for faster Nginx.

  • 6

    CSS & JS Optimization

    By optimizing JS and CSS, we'll reduce the requests made to the server and avoid page render blocking, producing a faster experience for every visitor no matter which browser they use.

  • 7

    Full Caching

    We will cache database queries, webserver responses, static assets, and everything else needed to reduce page load time.

If you're looking for someone to fine-tune the speed and overall performance of your site they don't get any better than Pageperf guys. They took my site from a Google PageSpeed Insights score of 16 to 91!

Lester Francoeur

CEO, Music Lessons Us


They were very easy to work with and very knowledgeable on what needed to be done to improve the look, feel, and speed of my site. Would highly recommend Pageperf for any looking to improve upon their wordpress site.

Todd Estes

foundr, LabSupplyQuest


Mario from Pageperf helped me solve major problems with a slow wp+woocommerce site. In the end we decided to move the site to a new server. He helped me with the setup and transfer. And he managed to find and fix a critical error in the functionality of the site. He is very dedicated and professional.

Anna Eggertz

eggertz web marketing & design


About Us

We are an experienced team of web specialists with a deep knowledge of common web technologies. We specialise in WordPress speed optimisation, and we are 100% customer focused, providing you with a high level of support through the whole process.


Will my data be safe?

We make automated backups for every change so we can always revert your site to its original state or undo any changes in a matter of seconds.

Will I suffer from downtime?

No! We do all the work on a domain replica so changes are pushed live only after everything's been tested and is working smoothly.

Is your service compatible with updates?

Our service is compatible with all WordPress, plugin and theme updates so you'll never experience problems further down the road.

Do you support e-commerce plugins?

We provide full support for WooCommerce and other e-commerce plugins. Customers love fast sites, so you can boost conversions following our website speed increase.

Do you support different WordPress hosting products?

Yes! Whether you have dedicated hosting, VPS, cloud or anything else, it makes no difference – we work with all types of WordPress hosting.

Do you provide ongoing support?

We will provide you with free support for two weeks following the update to make sure everything is working fine. So you have complete peace of mind that the performance improvements we make won't affect your site negatively in any way.